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Vancouver Sleep Consultant for Babies and Infants, Jaclyn Robinson

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Babymap is a consulting service for new parents with a focus on baby health, providing support and education for longterm success with feeding and sleep. Jaclyn Robinson, Babymap Founder, is a Registered Nurse with nearly 20 years of specialized paediatric experience. Working as a public health nurse in the infant/child/youth team, Jaclyn has completed advanced courses on breast-feeding support, infant nutrition, jaundice, prematurity, fertility, sleep hygiene, post-partum adjustment, maternity care, prenatal care, immunizations, and infant development. 

Her diverse experience with working with complexly ill children, and home visiting new families post partum, has given Jaclyn the expertise to assess each baby uniquely, and bring effective solutions for families. 

Jaclyn is passionate about helping new parents navigate their way to daily sleep routines that promotes the health of the baby and the entire family.  She believes that honouring your child’s need for sleep, and teaching them the life long skills on how to fall and stay asleep are some of the best gifts you can give your baby. Well-rested children and parents lead to the whole family functioning at its best. Jaclyn knows this to be true professionally and, as the mother of 3 girls (1 plus twins), she has learned this personally as well.


Babymap packages

All packages start with a thorough client intake form completed via email reviewing the details of your current sleep concerns and goals for your baby. 

En route - $750

This is our virtual support package designed to help parents navigate
through sleep training via telephone consultation and follow up email support. 

• Full intake and assessment over phone reviewing all sleep concerns (1 hour)
• Customized sleep plan created (500$) 
• 3 follow up phones sessions (20 min each) for support as you proceed

Tour guide  - $1000

Sometimes an in-home meeting makes all the difference. Jaclyn will come to your home
to assess your sleep situation in person, and provide additional education and hands-on teaching for your baby and their sleep. 

• Full intake and phone assessment in your home reviewing all sleep concerns (2 hours)
• Customized sleep plan created (500$)
• 3 follow up phone sessions (20 min each) for support as your proceed

Journey's end  - $1500

Journey's End provides more side by side coaching and support to help you
establish healthy daytime naps and nighttime sleep routines for success for years to come. Jaclyn will come to your home for the initial assessment, and will also provide a follow up home visit to walk you through the sleep plan step by step.  This is an excellent choice for babies who need support in both daytime and nighttime sleep habits. 

• Full intake and phone assessment in your home (2 hours)
• Customized sleep plan created (500$)
• Home visit to review plan step and by step and how to implement. (2 hours) • Three follow up phone sessions (20 min each) for support as your proceed

- Jaclyn is also happy to provide telephone or in-home consultations, at her hourly rate of 150$/hr, outside of a package at any time. In-home consultations in the Metro Vancouver area may be subject to an additional travel fee.





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"As the mom of a toddler and a newborn I have really come to rely on help and advice from Jackie. There is such a myriad of information out there for new parents it can be overwhelming when an issue arises. I trust Jackie's expert knowledge when it comes to baby care, momma care, breastfeeding, and the thing we all crave sleep! Her genuine enthusiasm and thoughtful advice give me peace of mind, and success, every time." 

- Charlene Kerr, Vancouver BC

"I really don’t know how to ever thank Jackie for her help. As a first time mom I was completely overwhelmed by the responsibility of caring for my young son. I was suffering from postpartum depression and was having a lot of trouble with breastfeeding. I got in touch with Jackie and within moments of speaking with her, I had calmed down. She reassured me that my struggles were normal and that she could help. With Jackie’s guidance and wealth of knowledge, she helped me develop a feeding and sleeping plan for my son. In addition to providing me with evidence-based information about breastfeeding and sleeping, Jackie was able to incorporate import lessons of self-care and family relationships into her teachings. I am happy to say I was able to successfully nurse my son until he was over a year old and that to this day, my son is a “champion sleeper.” Thank you Jackie!"

- Alexis Fluevog - Vancouver BC 



trinity western university, langley BC

Bachelors of Science in Nursing (BScN) 

Graduated April 2001



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Phone: 604.309.6976
Address: Vancouver, BC